You have been tasked with saving the Sun and preventing the universe from its apocalypse! Silvia from Space Corp as well as Louis, the Research Director is there to guide you along your path.

Race against other players, upgrade your TechTree and improve your Research, choose between 4 heroes,5 amazing vehicles and explore over 600 different campaign tracks. Do you have what it takes to take on the Sentinels and save the Universe?

Evonite has an original and challenging gameplay, so prove you got what it takes!


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"Beautiful graphics :-) really liked the world exploration! Great game play!"
Randa++App Store Player
"Wow! It looks and plays so beautiful, different than most of the genre but definitely worth a try. See you on leaderboards nerds."
Michal KomarApp Store Player
"A world class game really - better than anything I have played in years frankly! Recommended for all ages!"
Inara KyazimovaApp Store Player

Our Team

Maurizio Margiotta

CTO/Lead Developer

Born to develop games and finally realizing my dream. The challenges hidden even behind a simple game are my daily bread. Graphics, math, style, sounds, memory optimization, physics, UI and much more, should dance together perfectly in sync as a perfect clock mechanism.

Daniel Morkos

CEO/Lead Game Designer

I have always played games my whole life and to be able to finally make the games that I envision with the great team that we have put together here at Blue River Arts makes me feel truly blessed.

Martin Vocet

Lead Artist

I am happy to be given a chance to have a job that is a hobby at the same time. I am very glad that I am in the company where I can grow and broaden my experience and develop my potential fully. I sincerely hope that players will have the same joyous experience as I have from work I do and have done so far.

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